Professors from University of Nebraska gave course at ESALQ

Lecture with Professor Gota Morota (Photo by: Gerhard Waller) 

The Department of Animal Science of Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture (USP/ESALQ) received, on May 22th, the Professors Matthew Spangler and Gota Morota, from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, to give the course “Quantitative and Genomic Genetics”, under the responsibility of Professors Luiz Lehmann Coutinho and Gérson Barreto Mourão, from the graduate program in Animal Science and Pasture.

The course aimed to improve the involvement between researchers from ESALQ and Nebraska, specifically in the genetic and genomic areas, in addition to allow exchange of information between students and researchers.

To Professor Matthew Spangles, specialist in Animal Improvement Genetics, it is a good opportunity to the collaboration and information exchange with graduate students. “The genetic improvement has contributed to the efficiency of the production, but I believe that there is much more to improve. The course talks about the genomic part, and it has collaborated in our selection process because we have new tools using information of the sequencing of genomic DNA”, concluded Matthew.

The student Aline César, graduated in Animal Science from USP campus Pirassununga, with doctorate at ESALQ with Professor Coutinho, commented about her participation in the course. “The reason is the importance of genomic selection for meat production or animal production. This course brings new stuff, it’s being very productive and enjoyed by students and researchers. The integration between the universities is also very important, and this partnership will bring good results”, said Aline.

The course taught by teachers from Nebraska was extremely important, promoting the influence and exchange of ideas and projects, assisting in the interaction between the universities.


Written by: Caio Nogueira Antunes
Proofread by: Alicia Nascimento Aguiar
Translated by: Giovanni Augusto Rocha
Proofread by: Alexandre Joviniano dos Santos
Photo by: Gerhard Waller
DVComun (ESALQ’s Office of Communications)
May 24th, 2016