Advisors and Research Areas


In this research area, we start from the notion of agribusiness systems, including their relations with the market, to explain the dynamics of the management process of agribusiness, considering the economic and financial dimensions, the market and the behavior of this process. Research projects and social inclusion related to this line of research is based on theoretical and methodological approaches to explain the dynamics based on research of the following issues: physical and derivatives markets, the economy of organizations and management Supply Chain.

Agribusiness economy and company history

Carlos Eduardo de Freitas Vian

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Agro-industrial systems

Décio Zylbersztajn

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Economy companies

João Gomes Martines Filho

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Agro-industrial logistics

José Vicente Caixeta Filho

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Cost management and controllership

Lucilio Rogerio Aparecido Alves

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Business strategies

Maria Sylvia Macchione Saes

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Quality management

Paulo Fernando Machado

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Agribusiness derivatives

Pedro Valentim Marques

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Project management

Sérgio De Zen E-mail  |  Curriculum Vitae



This line of research seeks to produce knowledge from the viewpoint of different perspectives to be able to explain the administrative process for organizations and their relations with the macro-social context in which they operate. Projects in this research area are based on different theoretical and methodological approaches, present in studies of organizations to explain the institutional insertion, market and social of the organizations, taking as reference the following topics: organizational strategies, the entrepreneurship and technological innovation, policies and management practices, human behavior in organizations and corporate finance.

Economic engineering and innovation

Alex da Silva Alves E-mail  |  Profile  |  Curriculum Vitae

Quantitative market research

Edwin Moises Marcos Ortega E-mail  |  Profile  |  Curriculum Vitae

Public administration

Eliana Tadeu Terci E-mail  |  Profile  |  Curriculum Vitae

People management

Heliani Berlato dos Santos E-mail  |  Curriculum Vitae


Hermes Moretti Ribeiro da Silva E-mail  |  Curriculum Vitae

Organizational studies

Luciano Mendes E-mail  |  Profile  |  Curriculum Vitae

Corporate finance

Roberto Arruda de Souza Lima E-mail  |  Profile  |  Curriculum Vitae