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LZT5855 - Special Problems in Scientific Experimentation for Fish Culture

Credit hours

In-class work
per week
per week
2 weeks
60 hours

Brunno da Silva Cerozi
Jose Eurico Possebon Cyrino

Aquaculture is a multidisciplinary animal science that requires professionals in the field to have a diversified knowledge of techniques and procedures for fish production. The evolution of production systems and the specificity of interactions with the aquatic environment and the heterothermal characteristic of aquatic animals requires that the scientific experimentation in aquaculture uses experimental design techniques and specialized data analysis.

Carrying capacity of fish production systems. Basic principles of experimental design; simulation as an investigation tool; use of completely randomized design techniques, incomplete randomized blocks and incomplete randomized blocks in experimentation in aquatic biology and aquaculture; experimental design in subdivided plots; repeated measures; cross-designs; factorial designs, use of statistical analysis softwares and process simulation.

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