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LCB5721 - Postharvest Physiology

Credit hours

In-class work
per week
per week
8 weeks
120 hours

Angelo Pedro Jacomino
Ricardo Alfredo Kluge

The goal of discipline is to provide current and specialized concepts in the area of Postharvest Physiology of perishable agricultural products. To train researchers with basic knowledge in Postharvest Physiology area and attract the interest thereof to pursue further studies in this area and develop advanced studies in Postharvest Physiology.

Postharvest losses and quality notions of fruits and vegetables; Physiology of Development and Ripening; Preharvest factors; Physical and chemical changes during ripening and senescence; Cellular respiration: basics and determination of the respiratory rate; Ethylene: biosynthesis, action mechanism,
applications; action blockage; Instrumental methods of analysis in postharvest; Bioactive compounds in postharvest; Physiological disorders in post-harvest; Molecular Biology applied to Postharvest Physiology.

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