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LCB5830 - Plant Biochemistry

Credit hours

In-class work
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15 weeks
180 hours

Daniel Scherer de Moura

The basis , concepts and recent scientific discoveries in the biochemical area of plants and how to use them in combination and understanding of basic processes of plant metabolism. Encourage students to make a critical reading of recent scientific literature in the area of discipline , as well as providing the tools for this objective is achieved.

Photosynthesis : light absorption and conversion , reaction centers and photosystems , Calvin cycle and variations in cabono fixing mechanism. Carbon Metabolism: glycolysis , the pentose phosphate pathway , citric acid cycle , respiration and photorespiration . nitrogen metabolism and sulfur : nitrogen fixation , assimilation of ammonia and amino acid metabolism . Metabolism of lipids : chemistry of lipid biosynthesis and membrane . Phenolic Metabolism , isoprenoids and alkaloids : terpenoid biosynthesis, phenylpropanoid biosynthesis, flavonoids and lignins.

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