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LAN5856 - Animal and Food Biochemistry

Credit hours

In-class work
per week
per week
15 weeks
120 hours

Severino Matias de Alencar

Offer biochemical knowledge necessary for the graduate student to identify and analyze the general aspects of the structure and function of major macromolecules. Allow the student know and understand the main metabolic pathways of biological systems, recognizing the importance of these routes as an opportunity to understand the cellular processes that provide and transfer the material and energy among living organisms.

1) Chemical Structure, physicochemical properties and functions of molecules of biological interest; 2) Membrane cell: composition and transport mechanisms; 3) Enzymes: factors affecting enzyme activity, kinetics, inhibition and allosteric enzymes; 4) Metabolism of carbohydrates: glycolysis, pentose phosphate pathway, gluconeogenesis, synthesis and degradation of glycogen; 5) Cellular respiration; 6) Metabolism of lipids: oxidation of fatty acids, metabolism of ketone bodies, fatty acid synthesis and triacylglycerides. Synthesis and degradation of cholesterol; 7) amino acid metabolism: protein metabolism, essential and nonessential amino acids; 8) Nitrogen Excretion and fate of carbon skeletons; 9) Vitamins and coenzymes: physiological functions of vitamins and hydro soluble; structure and biochemical function of the main coenzymes. 10) Integration and Metabolic regulation: control of metabolic flux at the level of concentration of the substrate, effectors, products and cofactors; regulating the level of enzymes, enzyme activity; regulating the hormonal level. molecular mechanisms of signal transduction; 11) Nucleic acids: structure and function; DNA and RNA.

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