CEN5736 - Hydrogeochemistry of Drainage Basins

CEN5738 - Ecotoxicology

CEN5742 - Pesticides and Environment

CEN5749 - Biogeochemistry of Nitrogen in Tropical Ecosystems

ECO5006 - Human Evolutionary Ecology

ECO5010 - Anthropology and Environmental Issues

ECO5017 - Foundations of Conservation Biology

ECO5023 - Nature and Modernity: Fundamentals for the Study of the Modern and Contemporary World

ECO5024 - Agriculture, Society and Environment

ECO5026 - Patterns and Processes on the South American Vertebrates

ECO5029 - Society, Nature and Tourist Territory 

ECO5034 - Science, Culture and Ethics

ECO5039 - Environment, Society and Teaching Practice in Higher Education

ECO5040 - Classical Readings of the Brazilian Social Formation

ECO5044 - The Teaching of Sciences and the Teacher Training: Study and Analysis of Current Research

ECO5045 - Road Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation

ECO5047 - Human Dimensions of Wildlife Management and Conservation

ECO5048 - Mammal ecology and conservation: methods and analyses

ECO5050 - Ecosystem Science

ECO5051 - Chemical Equilibria and Ionic Speciation in Aqueous Solutions

ECO5052 - Sustainable Production of Bioenergy

ECO5057 - Hybrid Wars: Environment and Democracy

ECO5058 - Law Applied to the Environment and Cyberspace

ECO5060 - Tópicos Especiais em Agroecologia

ECO5062 - Applied Evolutionary Ecology

LCE5871 - Residence in Statistical Analysis

LCF5737 - Impacts of Recreation in Protected Areas

LCF5744 - Biodiversity: Use and Conservation

LCF5878 - Inventory, Monitoring and Wildlife Management

LES5812 - Pedagogical Preparation PAE

LGN5702 - Origin and Evolution of Crop Plants

LGN5803 - Evolution

LSN5847 - Geoscience Applied to Land Use Planning