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LGN5825 - Genetics and Breeding of Allogamous Species

Credit hours

In-class work
per week
per week
15 weeks
120 hours

Roberto Fritsche Neto

The aim of this course is to provide the students' knowledge and training in genetics and breeding of allogamous (cross-fertilized) crop species, including annual, semi-perennial, and perennial crop species. Thus, this course is directed to the students that intend to develop both basic, as the study of the genetic structure of populations and statistical-genetic designs, and applied research, as the study of the selection methods for the development and improvement of cultivars.

Genetic structure of allogamous species. Population effective size. Conservation of the accesses of germplasm banks. Covariance of relatives at intra- and interpopulation levels. Components of the genetic variance for populations at any level of inbreeding. Heterosis and inbreeding depression. Selection of parents for the development of reference populations. Responses to selection at intra- and interpopulation methods. Effects of the genetic drift and the inbreeding depression in response to selection. Changes in the heterosis and the inbreeding depression through selection. Theoretical responses to intra- and interpopulation recurrent selection. Comparison of the selection methods for perennial, semi-perennial, annual crop species, and asexual reproduction plant species. Recurrent selection, early selection, selection index, and observations repeated in temporal times. Responses to selection under abiotic stressed environments. Correlated responses to selection under any level of inbreeding. Molecular markers and plant breeding: backcross assisted selection; development of heterotic groups; hybrid prediction; genome-wide selection.

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