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LGN5830 - Biometrical Analysis of Molecular Data

Credit hours

In-class work
per week
per week
15 weeks
120 hours

Antonio Augusto Franco Garcia

Provide to students the knowledge required to analyze, interpret and use molecular marker data in
genetics and breeding.

The following topics associated with Statistical Genetics analysis of experimental populations (F2, BC,
RILs, Design III and F1 from outcrossing parents) will be covered: building of linkage maps (test of
segregation, linkage, locus ordering, mapping functions), QTL mapping (single marker, interval
mapping, composite interval mapping, multiple interval mapping, mixed models approach), association
mapping. Genomic selection: GBLUP and other relevant approaches. Usage of such approaches for
studies of heterosis, G x E and correlation between traits will also be included. Software: R, OneMap,
R/qtl and QTL Cartographer.

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