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LCF5500 - Biological Diversity, Introduction, Mensuration and Applications

Credit hours

In-class work
per week
per week
5 weeks
90 hours

Débora Cristina Rother
Ricardo Ribeiro Rodrigues
Ricardo Siqueira Bovendorp

To present definitions of biological diversity and to permit students develop the ability and autonomy to define, among the different methods to measure diversity, which one is the most appropriate to solve a problem. We also have the objective to empower students for developing scientific researches aiming to quantify and evaluate biological diversity in natural, degraded or restored ecosystems.

Definitions of diversity, biological diversity and ecological diversity. Biological diversity measurements. Assumptions for diversity measurements. Spacial scale and diversity measurements. Background on common and rare species. Methods of graphic presentation of abundance data. Species abundance models. Species richness estimates. Sampling considerations. Rarefaction curve. Sample sufficiency. Diversity in space and time. Functional diversity. Phylogenetic diversity. Defaunation. Fragmentation. Consequences for biological diversity.

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