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LCF5768 - Basic Wood Characteristics I

Credit hours

In-class work
per week
per week
4 weeks
120 hours

Francides Gomes da Silva Junior
Mario Tommasiello Filho

To transfer to the students the basic knowledge about the formation of wood, its anatomical structure and its chemical composition, as well as its interrelationships. To discuss the main hypotheses of wood industrialization through chemical processing, analyzing the interference of chemical and anatomical characteristics both in the process and in the properties of the final product.

Anatomy of Wood. Anatomical structure of conifer wood (micro and macroscopic anatomy). Anatomical structure of hardwood (micro and macroscopic anatomy). Natural wood defects. Identification of wood. Methods of analysis of the anatomical structure of wood. Basic general aspects about the nature and chemical composition of lignocellulosic and non-lignocellulosic constituents of wood. Classification and quantification of organic and inorganic constituents present in wood. Accidental components, lignin, carbohydrates (cellulose and hemicelluloses). Pulp and paper from wood; main processes, yields and product quality.

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