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LCF5769 - Basic Properties of Wood II

Credit hours

In-class work
per week
per week
10 weeks
120 hours

Geraldo Bortoletto Junior
Ivaldo Pontes Jankowsky

To present the basic knowledge about the main physical and mechanical properties of wood, as well its relationship. To discuss the principal alternatives of wood industrialization through mechanical processing, analyzing the interference of physical and mechanical characteristics both in manufacturing process and in final product properties.

Definition of physical property; main physical properties of wood, interrelationships. Specific gravity, density and basic density; methods of determination, variations within the tree, interactions with the other properties. Hygroscopicity, equilibrium moisture content and fiber saturation point. Dimensional change; methods for determination, comparison between standardized test methods. Definitions and basic concepts of mechanical properties of wood: strength, resistance, tension, deformation, Hooke Law, diagram tension/deformation, proportional limit, modulus of elasticity and modulus of rupture. Factors affecting the mechanical properties of wood: moisture, specific gravity, presence of defects, temperature, loading speed, load increment, size and shape of samples, test methods. Main types of mechanical tests of wood: bending, traction, compression, shear, hardness, toughness, splitting, nail withdrawal.

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