The Graduate Program in Administration (PPGA), created by the Department of Economics, Management and Sociology, seeks to galvanize all the potential and tradition of ESALQ/USP, whose area of concentration: "Agribusiness and Organizations ".


The Graduate Program in Administration has as its purpose: 1) to provide a solid and heterodox education to the Administration in Graduate student; 2) to obtain scientific and technological productions able to generate positive impacts and visibility to the program; 3) encourage academic exchange and research with prestigious educational centers, research and extension in Administration in Brazil and the world; 4) Integrate the Graduate and Undergraduate in Administration, to intensify the exchange of knowledge and joint growth among their students; and 5) encourage the integration of graduate students with companies, enabling exchange of knowledge and development of applied research.


Educating researchers and teachers high-level, able to stand out, both nationally and internationally in education, research and extension in the Administration area focused on research lines in Agribusiness and Organizations

Degree granted

Master in Sciences, major in Administration


The graduate program in Animal Science and Pastures is accredited by CAPES, a governmental organization which is responsible for assessing and accrediting higher education institutions in Brazil, with a grading scale ranging 1-7, where 7 is the maximum score. The Administration program was created in 2015 with an initial score of 4.