The Program in Entomology is pioneer in education and training of professionals in the field of Entomology at the post-graduate level in Brasil. It has been playing a key role in the formation of human resources and in the nucleation of teaching and research centers in Agricultural Entomology. The Program is highly represented at the national and international levels, with a high level of scientific production. The high level of academic education and scientific production of our graduates have been recognized by CAPES, the Brazilian agency of accreditation for high level education, who provided two Best Thesis Awards in the field of Agricultural Sciences. The high level of scientific research developed in our program can also be assessed by our publication in the most representative journals in the field. The high level of education we provide reflects in the rate of alumni that remain active in the field (more than 80% of our MSc and PhDs).


Offer a theoretical-practical educational environment of excellence for the formation of human resources skilled to produce and promote information that are innovative and with a high scientific, social and economic impact to the practice of Sustainable Agriculture.


To form human resources of excellence at the graduate level to act at public and private teaching and/or research institutions, as well as at the private sector of the Agribusiness chain. Our program also provides graduates an entrepreneurship view to offer alternatives in market place. 

Degrees granted

Master and Doctor in Sciences, major in Entomology 


The graduate program in Entomology is accredited by CAPES, a governmental organization which is responsible for assessing and accrediting higher education institutions in Brazil, with a grading scale ranging 1-7, where 7 is the maximum score. In the most recent triennial assessment (2010-2012), the Entomology program scored 7.

Digital library of theses and dissertations

Theses and dissertations defended at the University of São Paulo starting in 2001 have been made available for online research and download. The project is associated with the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD), sponsored by UNESCO and provides the option of browsing the Entomology program catalog by thesis, dissertation, author or college.