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LET5828 - Transmission of Plant Pathogens by Arthropods

Credit hours

In-class work
per week
per week
15 weeks
120 hours

Joao Roberto Spotti Lopes

To train graduate students, particularly entomologists and plant pathologists, for research, teaching and
extension on arthropod transmission of plant pathogens. To teach basic aspects of pathogen-vectorplant
interactions and their implications on epidemiology and management of associated plant diseases,
and to demonstrate experimental techniques used in transmission studies.

Lectures: 1) Arthropod-microbe interactions that affect crop plants. Types of vector-borne plant pathogens. Overview of plant viruses and their transmission by arthropods. 2) Host selection, mouth apparatus, gut anatomy and feeding behavior in piercing-sucking phytophagous insects. 3) Transmission of plant viruses by hemipteroids: types of vector-virus relationships. Non-persistent transmission. 4) Semi-persistent transmission. Persistent circulative transmission. 5) Persistent propagative transmission. 6) Transmission of plant viruses by beetles and mites. 7) Vector-borne phytopathogenic prokaryotes. Transmission of Xylella fastidiosa. 8) Phytopathogenic mollicutes and associated diseases. 9) Transmission of phytoplasmas and spiroplasmas. 10) Transmission of Candidatus Liberibacter. 11) Fundamentals of epidemiology and management of vector-borne prokaryotes. 12) Control of vector-borne viral diseases. 13) Methods in vector transmission studies. Laboratory classes: Demonstration of methods and equipments for collecting, rearing, handling and confining arthropod vectors in transmission studies. Techniques for vector feeding behavior studies: electrical penetration graph (EPG) and honeydew excretion analyses. Demonstration of virus transmission characteristics in different types of virus-vector relationships (non-persistent, semi-persistent and persistent transmission). Micro-injection technique for inoculation of insect vector with circulative or propagative plant pathogens. Membrane-feeding technique and pathogen acquisition in artificial diets. Techniques for establishing pathogen-free vector colonies. Case studies of management of vector-borne plant pathogens.

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