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LET5840 - Arthropod Molecular Ecology

Credit hours

In-class work
per week
per week
15 weeks
120 hours

Alberto Soares Correa

The course aims to address main issues on arthropods molecular ecology by theoretical and practical
ways. Speciation, population genetics, intra- and interspecific interactions and adaptation will be studied
in an evolutionary context. We will show the concepts and techniques applied in molecular ecology for
the development of sustainable management strategies of pests and beneficial arthropods of
agricultural, medical and veterinary importance

(1) Structure and function of DNA and RNA of eukaryotic, prokaryotes and organelles; (2) Replication,
transcription and translation; (3) NCBI (gene sequences, primers and BLAST); (4) DNA and RNA
extraction and primers design; (5) polymerase chain reaction (PCR); (6) PCR molecular markers
(dominates and co-dominates); (7) concepts and processes of speciation; (8) Introduction to molecular
evolution and phylogeny; (9) Molecular identification of species, DNA barcoding; (10) Genetic diversity,
indices and data analysis; (11) populational structure and gene flow; (12) Demography and
Phylogeography; (13) Genomic and Adaptation (14) and (15) Case studies applied in Integrated Pest

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