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LCE5854 - Curves and Response Surfaces

Credit hours

In-class work
per week
per week
15 weeks
120 hours

Adhemar Sanches
Silvio Sandoval Zocchi

Provide a collection of statistical and mathematical techniques useful: for developing, improving and optimizing processes; the design, development and formulation of new products and the improvement of existing product designs

1. Introduction to the methodology of surfaces of response. 2. Algebra of matrices, minimum squares, analysis of variance and basic principles of the planning of experiments. 3. First order models and designs. 4. Second order models and designs. 5. Determining optimum conditions. 6. Analysis of experiments with multiple answers. 7. Models of surfaces of response with the purpose of the block. 8. Outlines for mixtures and analysis. 9. Introduction to the theory of the optimal planning of experiments.

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