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LCE5860 - Multivariate Analysis

Credit hours

In-class work
per week
per week
15 weeks
120 hours

Afrânio Márcio Corrêa Vieira
Edwin Moises Marcos Ortega

Provide graduate students the elements needed for proper use of multivariate analysis methods for research data.

Multinormal distribution: definition, properties, pets per point of parameters. Distribution of Wishart: definition and basic properties. Cases of inference about the vector of medium-sized one, two and several distributions multinormais. Hotelling test. Linear models and multidimensional. Pets per point and per region of trust. Hypothesis testing multidimensional. Principle of union and intersection and use of inequality of Bonferroni correction to control the level of significance set. Discriminant Analysis: cases of two or more multinormais distributions. Conglomeramento of multidimensional data. Major components and tests of structure of matrix of variances and covariances. Canonical correlations. Factor analysis, multidimensional. Cluster analysis.

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