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LCE5872 - Experimental Statistics II and Mixed Models

Credit hours

In-class work
per week
per week
15 weeks
120 hours

Clarice Garcia Borges Demetrio
Renata Alcarde Sermarini
Sônia Maria De Stefano Piedade
Taciana Villela Savian

To provide a solid methodological basis for the model-based analysis of continuous data in experimental
research, including the use of Hasse diagrams, and mixed models for incomplete data.

Model definition and formulation, associated matrix concepts, and statistical inference for the analysis of
continuous data, including the use of Hasse diagrams, models for incomplete data through the mixed
model approach, including theory, estimation, model checking, and diagnostics. All methods and
applications will use the R software system.
1. Hasse Diagrams.
2. Introduction to mixed models.
3. Unbalanced cross-classifications.
4. Split-plot experiments.
5. Split-Block experiments.
6. Incomplete block designs.
7. Lattice squares. 8. Analysis of groups of experiments.
9. Analysis of groups of experiments with common treatments (augmented block).

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