Exchange students

An international graduate student from a Foreign Institution may enroll as a USP graduate student provided that he or she is supervised by an accredited professor in one of our programs. The professor interested in receiving a graduate student from a foreign Institution must submit the following materials to the Program Coordinating Committees (CCPs) and Graduate Committee (CPG) for approval.

  • Application form;
  • Recommendation letter from the home professor to the USP professor responsible for accepting the student;
  • Student status verification letter from the home institution;
  • Research plan indicating the beginning and end of the project;
  • Timetable of the activities to be performed at USP during the specified period.

Once approved, the foreign institution student receives an institutional letter of acceptance and must head to ESALQ’s Graduate Studies Office with the following documents in hands:

  • Copy of the passport with a student visa (Temporary IV), Mercosul visa, or permanent visa;
  • International health insurance;
  • Federal Police registration (mandatory before enrollment at USP). You can schedule the registration at the Federal Police before your arrival in Brazil at (click on Imigração > Carteira de Registro Nacional Migratório)


Very important information

USP does not accept Tourist visas under any circumstances.