Special Students

Special Students are individuals who enroll in one or more courses for one term, and are not eligible to any master or doctor degree at USP. They are granted academic credit for successfully completed courses, which may be transferred to other institutions.

Special students will be entitled to a certificate if approved in the courses.

If you further apply as a degree student, you will be eligible to use the credits granted as a special student in your graduate program at ESALQ. To qualify, the credits earned as a special student must be no longer than 36 months prior to the first enrollment as a degree student, in accordance with the limitations set forth in USP Graduate By-laws and Program Regulations.


Special Students are required to have completed their undergraduate degree, except for USP undergraduate students, provided that they show involvement with scientific initiation, proved by their registration in the appropriate corporate systems of the institution.

If the Program’s Coordination Commission accepts a student with an undergraduate degree from institutions other than USP, they must show proof of degree completion at enrollment. The registration fee payment is non-refundable if submitted without proof of degree.

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