LCF5151 - Conservation and Population Genetics in Forests Species

LCF5252 - Urban Climate, Landscape, Health and Quality of Life

LCF5500 - Biological Diversity, Introduction, Mensuration and Applications

LCF5510 - Applied Forest Tree Breeding

LCF5555 - Publishing Research Articles

LCF5723 - Forest Soil Fertility and Management

LCF5734 - Laser Technologies for Monitoring Vegetation Coverage

LCF5737 - Environmental Impacts of Public Use in Protected Areas

LCF5738 - Field Taxonomy: Identification of Plant Species

LCF5747 - Clonal Forestry

LCF5759 - Biostatistics

LCF5761 - Pulping Process

LCF5763 - Properties, Mechanical Processing and Wood Structure

LCF5768 - Wood Basic Characteristics I

LCF5769 - Basic Properties of Wood II

LCF5771 - Trees Biomechanics

LCF5777 - Urban Forest Ecology

LCF5780 - Wood Formation and Anatomy

LCF5785 - Wood Based Panels

LCF5800 - Ecosystem Services

LCF5833 - Statistical Inference in Forestry Research

LCF5852 - Physical and Mechanical Wood Properties

LCF5862 - Environmental Alignment of Production Units, with Emphasis for the Restoration of Degraded Areas

LCF5865 - Urban Forestry

LCF5870 - Dendrochronology: Principles and Applications of Tree Rings Analysis

LCF5871 - Special Topics in Forest Resources

LCF5874 - Management of Tropical Native Forests

LCF5875 - Workshop on Higher Education

LCF5876 - Computation in R Environment Applications in Ecology and Forest Resources

LCF5877 - Advanced Forest Biometrics

LCF5880 - Ecological Restoration

LCF5882 - Agroforestry System

LCF5883 - Species Distribution Modeling for Biology Conservation

LCF5888 - Geographic Information Applied to Forest Management

LCF5890 - Ecological Intensification of Forest Plantations

LCF5899 - Biotechnology and Automation in the Production of Forestry Seedlings