Degree equivalency

The process of equivalency begins in ESALQ at the Graduate Service Office upon the submission of the following documents:

  • Written request signed by the applicant and addressed to the Dean of ESALQ (please inform the purpose of request and personal e-mail contact);
  • Two-sided copy of the master’s or doctor degree;
  • Copy of the defense report or equivalent document stating the composition of the examination committee;
  • Copy of the dissertation or thesis;
  • Copy of transcript listing the courses taken;
  • Two-sided copy of the undergraduation diploma.

USP’s Graduate Board (CoPGr) can accept as degrees equivalent to those awarded by USP the degrees of Master and Doctor obtained in foreign countries and Habilitation degrees awarded by universities other than USP in the following cases:

  • to apply for admission to the University of São Paulo as a professor / researcher;
  • to request the passage to the doctoral degree counting the credits already earned in the Master's degree;
  • to apply for a habilitation degree ("Livre-Docência") within USP;
  • to apply for a full professor position within USP.

Degree equivalency is valid exclusively within USP.

Master’s and Doctorate degrees obtained in Brazil and valid countrywide do not require equivalency analysis;

The analysis of the correspondent documentation is to be conducted by the Graduate Committee (CPG) of the unit which the interested party will apply for.  USP does not accept Master’s and Doctorate degrees obtained in Brazil but not countrywide accredited.

Master’s and Doctorate degrees obtained abroad can be accepted as equivalent to USP’s degrees provided they are awarded by renowned institutions and considered compatible to those by USP;

Degrees obtained outside USP by professors or researchers thereof can only be accepted for equivalency analysis upon previous authorization granted by the Faculty Senate, Deliberative Council or equivalent bodies of the Unit which the professor belongs to, having heard the interested Department, when pertinent, and the Graduate Committee of the same Unit.

The title of Habilitation obtained outside USP can be accepted by the CoPGr as an equivalent to that awarded by USP provided that it was obtained by submission to tests similar to those given by USP in renowned institutions.

The interested party must hold a Doctor degree awarded by USP, accepted by it or valid nationwide.

The CoPGr’s Curricular Chamber will analyze and comment on the Habilitation title obtained outside the University, based on merit opinion by the Faculty Senate, Deliberative Council or equivalent body.

The process of equivalency will be initiated upon the applicant's request addressed to the Dean of the respective Unit, together with the following documents:

  • Proof of Doctorate degree;
  • Curriculum or memorial that contemplates the following aspects

a - Main career steps;

b - Teaching activities, including advisory for trainees and graduate students (Master’s and Doctorates) graduated under his/her advisory;

c - Scientific, artistic, or technological production;

d - Extension activities regarding service rendering to community;

e - Participation in committees, advisories, consultancies, in and out of the country;

f - Coordination and participation in research projects supported by financing agencies;

g - Experience in international cooperation.

  • Copy of the thesis or corresponding systematization text;
  • Minute or document equivalent to the competition achievement;
  • Offprints or copies of the most relevant publications

Upon examining the Master’s and Doctorate degrees obtained from foreign higher education Institutions, the CoPGr will assess the whole documentation, taking into account the institution qualification, and the merit of the academic activities and dissertation or thesis defended.

In the case of a Doctorate degree obtained from institutions that demonstrably do not require submission and defense of dissertation, the set of documented academic activities shall be assessed regarding merit in detailed opinions.  Concerning a Doctorate degree obtained from institutions that demonstrably do not require course credits and formal academic activities, the decision will depend upon the analysis of merit of the thesis, which will be object of detailed opinions.

Should the Doctorate degree not be in eligible to be accepted as equivalent to USP’s corresponding title, the CoPGr may accept it as equivalent to the Master’s by this University.