Campus facilities

ESALQ offers its graduate students a range of facilities that make their life on campus more practical and enjoyable. After enrollment, students can benefit resources such as libraries, housing, health care, sports, recreation, and essential and supportive services.


ESALQ’s Library keeps the most important collection in the country (100,000 academic works and 3,000 journal titles) in the area of the Agricultural Sciences.



Art & Culture

Campus life is enriched by refresher courses, workshops and artistic presentations such as chorus and theater in which students, faculty, staff and the community can perform. Also experts eventually hold specific or general interest lectures. The Culture and Extension Service coordinates these activities.


Sport & Recreation

ESALQ’s Sports Services provide recreational facilities for the practice of various sports like swimming, tennis, and soccer.


Dining Hall

The University Dining Hall offers nutritionally balanced and innovative meals at subsidized prices, served exclusively to the Campus community



Essential and supporting services

Institutional e-mail: USP provides an institutional e-mail to its graduate students »

Student Housing: ESALQ offers its students housing, called Student Village, through the Social Promotion Service »

Day care: the Day Care Center promotes the development of children in a safe environment, giving support to students, staff, and faculty families »

Letter of Guarantee:  the Letter of Guarantee Program offers insurance to campus faculty who act as guarantors for students who are willing to rent a property »

Medical and dental care: USP provides students with medical and dental care on Campus »

Psychological support: for undergraduate and graduate students. Psychologist in charge: Faride Simão. Scheduling and information at

Vehicle entry permit: the Esalquean community has a vehicle entry permit that allows access to the campus during non-business hours, weekends and holidays »

Virtual environment to support the courses. If the teaching instructor of the course utilizes e-Disciplinas, students can access the system following the instructions at