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Branching mutants

The elimination of side branches (suckers) is a highly desirable trait for fresh market tomato production. The study of branching mutants may provide clues to breed tomato varieties that develop a single stem, thus maximizing fruit production. Furthermore, such a strong apical dominance is also sought after in other important crops and perennials (e. g. timber production). Tomato branching mutants carry genes defective in axillary meristem formation of outgrowths. Besides specific transcription factors (TCP, GRAS, MYB), branching is also affected by mutations altering hormones like auxin, cytokinin and strigolactones. Equally important, but less studied, are mutations affecting root branching. Please click on the name of each mutant to obtain information about its molecular identity (gene function, if known) and phenotype (gene effect of a given allele).


Regeneration1 (Rg1)

bushy root (brt)

lateral suppresser (ls)

bushy (bu)















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