LZT5701 - Animal Physiology

LZT5708 - Nonruminant Nutrition I

LZT5709 - Nonruminant Nutrition II

LZT5710 - Physiology of Forage Plants I

LZT5713 - Genetics of Physiological Processes in Livestock, a Genomic Perspective

LZT5715 - Physiology of Lactation

LZT5717 - Nutrigenomics

LZT5718 - Principles of Grazing Ecology

LZT5721 - Planning and Analysis of Experiments with Animals

LZT5730 - Scientific Communication in Animal Science

LZT5731 - Techniques of Scientific Communication in Animal Science II

LZT5757 - Muscle Tissue and Meat

LZT5758 - Animal Breeding: Principles and Applications

LZT5759 - Microbial Community Analysis

LZT5800 - Special Problems in Animal Science and Pastures

LZT5802 - Vitamins in Animal Nutrition

LZT5803 - Biological Principles of Fish Farming and Nutrition

LZT5804 - Fish Feeding and Nutrition

LZT5806 - Special Topics in Genetics and Animal Breeding

LZT5813 - Agronomic Methods of Pasture Evaluation

LZT5814 - Special Problems in Freshwater Fish Farming

LZT5815 - Feed Quality and Forage Conservation for Animals

LZT5816 - Advanced Beef Cattle Nutrition

LZT5817 - Nutrition and Reproductive Efficiency in Ruminants

LZT5818 - Pedagogical Preparation in Animal Science and Pastures

LZT5820 - Biochemistry and Animal Metabolism

LZT5850 - Ruminant Nutrition Fundamentals

LZT5851 - Protein Metabolism in Ruminants

LZT5852 - Metabolism of Non-Fibrous Carbohydrates  in Ruminants

LZT5853 - Structural Carbohydrates and Voluntary Intake in Ruminants

LZT5854 - Lipid Metabolism in Ruminants

LZT5855 - Special Problems in Scientific Experimentation for Fish Culture

LZT5858 - Fundamentals of Experimental Designs in Animal Science and Pasture

LZT5859 - Thermal Comfort and Animal Bioclimatology

LZT5860 - Physiology of Reproduction and Reproductive Management of Dairy Cattle

LZT5861 - Production Management and Milk Quality

LZT5862 - Feed Analysis and Composition

LZT5863 - Special Topics in Forage Plants and Pastures   

LZT5864 - Special Topics in Ruminant Nutrition and Metabolism

LZT5866 - Forage Quality and Conservation

LZT5867 - Introduction to System Dynamics for Animal Production

LZT5868 - Environmental Impacts of Animal Production Systems: Evaluation and Mitigation Alternatives

LZT5869 - Quantitative Genetics and Genomics

LZT5870 - Minerals for Ruminants

LZT5871 - Research Techniques in Non-Ruminant Nutrition and Feeding

LZT5872 - Mycotoxins in Animal Feed

LZT5874 - Special Topics on Nutrition, Metabolism and Welfare of Dairy Cattle