Instructions for registration

The application form must be accurately filled out, so identifying the Graduate Program and the thematic area of interest is essential. The five research areas of the program are divided into the following thematic areas, corresponding to the advising professors’ expertise, as shown in the table below:

Research area Study area
Production of Ruminants, Grassland and Forage Beef Cattle
Dairy Cattle
Goat and Sheep herding
Forage Conservation
Monogastric Production and Aquaculture Poultry
Fish Farming
Pig Farming
Animal Breeding, Molecular Genetics and Biostatistics Animal Breeding and Biostatistics
Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology
Genomics and Nutrigenomics
Physiology of Systems and Animal Reproduction Muscle Physiology and Meat Quality
Physiology and Physiopathology Reproduction
Quality, Processing and Safety of Animal Foods Meat Quality
Milk Quality
Nutrigenomics and Product Quality 

It is mandatory that applicants identify the target study area and the research line of the program, and then specify two choices of his or her subject area within the same research line.

Open the application form