The Applied Ecology graduate program aims to complete and improve Master and PhD students' learning and to foster research, extension and scientific education in the interdisciplinary field of Ecology, encompassing environmental biotic and abiotic aspects, as well as institutional, social, economic and technological ones.


The Applied Ecology graduate program trains professionals to develop the necessary capabilities to allow them to work in educational and research institutions, as in the private sector or public agencies that deal with environmental issues. To develop the skills necessary for such performance is vital to include in their professional education aspects related to sustainability, including social, economic and environmental aspects. These skills are strongly grounded in a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to study functioning, dynamics and disruption of environmental systems.


The main objectives of PPGI-EA are to train human resources at graduate level and develop the core activities of the University in a multi and interdisciplinary perspective in the area of ​​knowledge in Applied Ecology, addressing issues relating to the structure and functioning of ecosystems, relationships between society and environment, as well as management and nature conservation in natural and human-altered landscapes.

Degrees granted

Master and Doctor in Sciences, major in Applied Ecology 


The graduate program in Applied Ecology is accredited by CAPES, a governmental organization which is responsible for assessing and accrediting higher education institutions in Brazil, with a grading scale ranging 1-7, where 7 is the maximum score. In the most recent triennial assessment (2010-2012), the Applied Ecology program scored 7.

Digital library of theses and dissertations

Theses and dissertations defended at the University of São Paulo starting in 2001 have been made available for online research and download. The project is associated with the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD), sponsored by UNESCO and provides the option of browsing the Applied Ecology program catalog by thesis, dissertation, author or college.