Secondary area Slots
Cellulose and biorefinery 4
Conservation of wild areas 2 MS and 3 DR
Conversion and reuse of forest residues 1
Dendrometry and forestry inventory 1
Dendrochronology, anatomy, and identification of wood 1 MS and 1 DR
Forest Genetics and Improvement 1 MS and 1 DR
Forest hydrology 1
Forestry deployment and management 1
Tropical forest management 3
Wood panels 5
In vitro propagation of forest species 2
Recovery of degraded areas 1
Ecosystem services 1 DR
Urban silviculture and urban environmental management 1
Agroforestry 1 MS and 1 DR
Soils and forest nutrition 4

MS - Master's course
DR - Doctoral course
If no course is indicated - it can be either one