Application materials

1.    Application form
2.    Updated Curriculum at Lattes platform (CNPq). Please attach copies of the documents listed therein (published articles, certificates of participation in conferences, proof of participation in research or extension projects, awards and academic distinctions) in the last 4 years. Articles, books or book chapters do not require full copy but the cover sheet that identifies the author, title, journal or book, and year of publication.
3.    Official undergraduate transcript
4.    Bachelor's degree diploma - front and back
- Applicants whose diplomas have not yet been issued should submit an official document indicating the date of conclusion and degree earned
- Applicants who are still attending undergraduate school should submit an official letter indicating that they are potentially eligible to graduate
Note: Applicants who do not include the diploma must be aware that if selected in the admission process they will be required to present the diploma at enrollment, with graduation conclusion date (Day/month/year) prior to the last day of the enrollment period at ESALQ, otherwise they will not be able to enroll
5.    Proof of enrollment in the ANPAD (National Association of Graduate Studies and Research in Administration) Test for academic orientation, or GRE (Graduate Records Examinations). After taking the exam, this document must be replaced by the Test Result Certificate by the February 2024 edition. The applicant must submit only 1 test, taking into account the following specifications: 
- ANPAD test for academic orientation: minimum 250 score in the overall result, maximum validity of 2 years, taken from February 2022 through February 2024.  More information about ANPAD’s test here.
- GRE: minimum 240 score in the overall summaximum validity of 2 yearsMore information about the GRE here.  
Important note: The applicants who will take ANPAD's test for academic orientation in February 2024 must submit proof of payment for the test at registration, together with the other application materials.
6.    Research Project. It must be coherent with one of the program's research areas and include: 1) Introduction; 2) Research problem; 3) Objectives (general and specific); 4) Theoretical discussion (brief presentation of theories on the project's main theme); 5) Materials and methods (presentation of project methodology); 6) Project's execution plan; and 7) Bibliographical references. The total project - including cover and bibliographical references - must not exceed 12 pages. Settings: font Times New Roman, size 12, 1.5 line spacing, justified paragraphs, 2.5 margins (upper, lower, right and left). The cover page should include project's title, applicant's name, research area and choice of up to three areas of interest related to the program's faculty (check advisors by research area). Click here for the template (in Portuguese). Applicants are encouraged to previously contact their potential advisor.

Application fee: all applicants are exempt